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Product Description

ProWeatherStation Professional Wireless Wi-Fi Solar Weather Center with Software

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The ProWeatherStation is a high performance wireless data logging weather station with advanced sensor technology resulting in good accuracy at a low cost. It provides instantaneous and historical data on Inside and Outside Temperature and Humidity, Wind Speed (average and gust), Wind Direction, Solar Intensity and UV Index, Barometric Pressure and Rainfall. The backlit base station logs 4080 data points with adjustable sample interval. There is a memory meter on the display that shows when the memory is getting full so the data can be downloaded and archived to a computer thru Wi-Fi and the included WeatherSmart Wi-Fi software. The base station also allowsautomatic upload of data to Weather Underground and Weather Cloud via Wi-Fi with no PC necessary.

Professional Solar and Wireless Weather Station with Wi-Fi and Data Logging
Indoor and outdoor Temp and Humidity
Wind Speed and Direction, Rainfall, Solar Intensity
Automatic Uploads to Weather Underground and Weather Cloud
Barometric Pressure and Weather Forecasting