Item# I0ATPI07
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Product Description


CFIP Power over Ethernet indoor injector with surge protection, Gigabit Ethernet, 48/56V switchable (Use with I0ATPS01 splitter)

The I0ATPI07 is an indoor Power over Ethernet injector, designed to be used providing Gigabit Ethernet and power via single Ethernet cable (Cat5e or better) to CFIP Lumina FODU. Instead of running two separate cables for power and Ethernet, this solution allows to run just one cable from inside equipment to the radio outside. The non-IEEE PoE injector has built-in lightning and surge protection preventing transient over-voltages from damaging CFIP Lumina radio and user’s indoor equipment. The injector is protected against reversed polarity.

The injector has a built-in DC/DC converter which can be manually with a jumper switched between two modes. In the first mode output voltage is the same as input. In the second mode input voltage can vary from 30 to 50 V, but on the output it will be stabilized to 55 V. The second mode is designed to diminish the negative influence of long cable or insufficient input voltage from power supply.

• Up to 58 volt DC power
• 1000 Base-T Ethernet
• Cat5e and Cat6 compatibility
• Lightning and surge protection on all lines
• Tested compliance to IEC 61000-4-5
• Compatible with SAF Tehnika Lumina Series