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Product Description


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The EZ-Bridge-Ultra5 is a high capacity, 100Mbps, and high power, 250mW, outdoor wireless bridge system operating in the 5GHz unlicensed spectrum. The complete system allows for ultra high bandwidth connections between 2 buildings up to 4 miles or more apart with good line of sight.

The EZ-Bridge-Ultra5 creates a transparent bridge between 2 sides and passes all network traffic including VPN and DHCP. You can think of it like connecting a CAT5 Ethernet cable between the 2 points. It is the perfect high capacity plug and play solution for connecting the networks in two or more buildings, internet access sharing, remote video surveillance or remote network access. Multiple EZ-Bridge-Ultra5 units can be connected in a mesh configuration to allow interconnecting more than two sites.

The EZ-Bridge-Ultra5 comes complete with all the electronics that are needed for a point to point wireless network bridge installation; including two powerful 22dBi 802.11a/n MIMO antennas with built-in high power electronics, Bracket Kits which accommodate pole or wall mounting, 24V POE (Power Over Ethernet) power inserters and two 75' Shielded Outdoor Rated CAT5 cable assemblies.

High Throughput to 150Mbps and High Power 250mW Electronics.
Transparent Bridge
22dBi MIMO Antenna
Vertical or Horizontal Polarization
Pole or wall mount
Attractive radome for protection from elements
Plug and Play Setup
Selectable 20MHz or 40MHz channel width
Includes two 75' shielded, outdoor rated CAT5 cable assemblies