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The EZ-Base™ series are a high power 250mW 802.11bg or 802.11a outdoor wireless base station or client system with built-in battery backup that provides 15 hours of backup time. The controller used is solar ready so daylight hours backup time can be extended simply by adding a 12V solar panel up to 85W. The controller also has a secondary power output for powering other 12V devices.

Since the electronics are buffered by the integrated 12V battery and charge controller, the system protects against surges and voltage spikes which may cause damage to traditional base station equipment. The external N type female connector is ready for connection to any suitable 50-ohm antenna. The EZ-Base™ comes with a tri-band omnidirectional antenna for applications requiring short distance communications. Typical usable range is up to 20 miles with a suitable external antenna.

The system operates in the 2.4GHz or 5GHz unlicensed frequency spectrum providing real world thruput up to 25 Mb/sec. It complies with the 802.11b and g or 802.11a standards to insure interoperability.

With its advanced EZOS™ software, the EZ-Base™ supports multiple operating modes, including; Client Bridge, Client Router, Access Point Bridge, Access Point Router, Access Point + WDS, Repeater and Point to Point. The hardware and software platform supports WEP and WPA encryption, even in point to point mode, for unsurpassed security.

The EZ-Base™ comes complete with a Tri-Band Omnidirectional Antenna, Cat5e rated POE (Power Over Ethernet) power inserter and 24VDC auto-ranging power supply/charger. The vented enclosure is die cast aluminum with powder coat paint. The battery is a 12V 9Ah AGM VRSLA type with rated 5 year life. The corrosion resistant bracket system accommodates pole or wall mounting.