AIRAYA AI108-4958-ON-150

Item# AI108-4958-ON-150
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Product Description

Complete Outdoor Link Includes 2 radio bridges with 150ft. PoE Cables, N-type female Connectors, and outdoor mounting brackets. No antennas. Frequencies: 5.25GHz to 5.85GHz

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This complete wireless bridge kit delivers a comprehensive set of product features ensuring fast, secure and reliable networking services. The AI108-4958-ON-150 operates as a 4.9-4.99, 5.25-5.35, 5.47-5.72, or 5.725-5.85 GHz Point-to-point Wireless Ethernet Bridge with 150 foot indoor-to-outdoor cables and N-type female connectors for use with external high gain antennas.

AI108-4958-ON-150 kit includes:
2 Units - Outdoor Integrated Bridge
2 Units - Integrated Remote Power System
2 Units - 150 foot Cat5e outdoor to indoor unit cable assemblies.
2 Units - Bridge Mounting Bracket
Antennas purchased separately

WG-300S-ON-150 (For both Public Safety/ISM Bands)