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The Industry's State-of-the-Art in 80 GHz Backhaul Design
The E-Link 1000LR ("Long Range") provides the highest 70/80 GHz performance available, thanks to our exclusive Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuit (MMIC) technology. Available with either a 1 foot antenna (0.3m) or 2 foot antenna (0.6m), the 1000LR offers higher throughput, longer distances, superior reliability & faster ROI.

The 1000LR brings new state-of-the-art design innovations to the E-band 80 GHz frequency segment, including PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) and field-selectable GigE interfaces that enable customers to choose any combination of copper, fiber or mixed configurations during installation. The all-outdoor 1000LR has the smallest form factor, lightest weight and lowest power consumption in its class.

The 1000LR continues the company's RF leadership position with the industry's highest output power at +23dBm, and the lowest latency at less than 5 microseconds. E-Band's nearly quarter-watt output power, driven by proprietary gallium arsenide MMICs, enables the 1000LR to provide the longest link distances and highest QoS in the 70/80 GHz GigE sector, which is essential for carrier grade LTE networks. Additionally, the E-Link 1000LR can be field upgraded to a configuration that provides 2.5 Gbps over the air, and can also be seamlessly integrated into any Ethernet IP or TDM network carrying multiple E1/T1 and STM1/OC3s.

WiMAX/LTE/4G backhaul
Remote Storage Access
Disaster Recovery
Redundant Access/Network Diversity
Mobile backhaul
Local Area Network Extension
Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN)
Homeland Security

Features & performance
Power over Ethernet
Full duplex wire speed Gigabit Ethernet
Field selectable/replaceable GigE interface (patent pending).
New ingenious mount system enhances alignment and speeds installation
Low Latency for multimedia applications (<5s)
Rapid Field Replaceable unit with direct slip-fit antenna
Highest available E-Band Link Budget
Rapid Tributary Port Shutdown
Typical link distances exceed 3 mi / 5 km for 99.99% availability
Rapid Tributary Port Shutdown
Supports multiple network architectures including Point-to-Point, Mesh/Ring, Repeater
Transparently handles multi-media jumbo packets
Light licensing & interference free operation
Transparent Support of all Ethernet clock sync techniques including Sync-E, IEEE 1588v2, Adaptive Clock Recovery
Lightweight, small footprint, all outdoor design